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Thu. August 17, 2017

Dear Friend,

       What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money?

       Would you spend more time with your children... or your grandchildren? Take your spouse on that vacation you've both always wanted? Get a bigger house... or maybe a smaller one in the country? Go back to school? Quit school? Help your favorite charity? Go fishing?

       Or maybe just take some time for yourself to relax...

       You can do any of that -- or anything else you want to do. It is possible. It may not happen overnight, but you can make it happen a lot faster than you think.


       Audri Lanford recently interviewed Pam Braddock, recognized as the world's foremost "Dream Strategist" who has helped thousands of people identify and realize their personal and professional life dreams... including the dream of becoming a millionaire.

       The result is a brand new ebook (in PDF format) called Turning Dreams Into Dollars: 5 Steps to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire -- Especially During Tough Times.

eBook cover

This ebook is filled with ingenious, easy to use, no-fail ideas, techniques and methods... guaranteed to work for you.

        "I've been a financial consultant for over twenty years, and I have helped lots of people make lots of money. I've never seen a better overall plan for personal and professional success than Turning Dreams Into Dollars: 5 Steps to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire. In my business, clients would pay thousands of dollars for this type of information, and, believe me, it's really worth millions."

--B. Duncan, Financial Consultant, Las Vegas, NV

       In this interview, Pam shows you a simple and straightforward system that will help you achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire -- more quickly than you ever dreamed possible. Pam shows you how to easily attract money... by doing what you love. More importantly, she shows you how to achieve "Millionaire Success" levels in every area of your life.

       Success as you define it... doing what you want to do.

       The best part is that this will work for anyone. It doesn't matter how young, old, rich, educated, attractive, skilled, or knowledgeable you may be. And, no specialized skills are required. You don't even need to know what you want to do!

       "I'm a homemaker, a mom, and I have a great job, but it seems we only break even every month. I wanted more for my family and myself, but never really knew how to get there until I read 'Turning Dreams Into Dollars: 5 Steps to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire.' This book makes you feel like you have your very own personal success coach with you every step of the way, guiding and motivating you on your journey. Now more than ever, every one needs to take control of their destiny. I did, and my life has changed forever! Thanks, Pam!"

--T. Benedetti, Mom and Future Millionaire, New York, NY

       With the help of Pam's unique approach to planning, you'll quickly and easily...

Create Your Own Dream Strategy

       Your Dream Strategy is the key to living the life you want to live... instead of settling for whatever comes along.

       The secret to Pam's success -- and yours -- is her simple 5-step process. Pam walks you through these steps in a way that clarifies everything you've always wanted to do... and shows you exactly how to get there in this entertaining and to-the-point ebook.

       You'll learn exactly what to do... and what not to do.

       For example, you'll discover how to...

* Identify your REAL dreams. The things that make you fly out of bed in the morning, eager to take on the day and claim every moment of joy it offers.
* Eliminate procrastination. (That may sound unbelievable to many people, yet it's a simple part of Pam's process.)
* Identify the skills and assets that will help you to create the financial reality of over 1 million dollars.
* Recognize and achieve your true "Ultimate Goals."
* First conquer -- then eliminate -- the fear that is now keeping you from living the life of your dreams.
* Get "unstuck." Break out of the rut, get yourself moving and keep yourself moving toward the life you've always wanted. Live a life that's fearless, focused, and fun.
* Create a plan that you'll be completely unable to NOT follow through on. A plan based on making your million dollars doing what you most want to do.
* And much, much more.

Living Your Dream Life Shouldn't Be Just A Dream!

       Becoming a millionaire isn't just about money, although that's an important part of the equation. The real goal is the security that allows you to lead the life you want, without worrying about where the money is going to come from.

       And the joy that comes from doing what really matters to you: what makes you passionate, purposeful, and fulfilled.

Guaranteed "No Nonsense," and a
No Nonsense Guarantee

       You certainly won't find any hocus-pocus or "get rich quick" schemes here. (After all, Audri Lanford is the co-editor of Internet ScamBusters, the #1 publication on Internet fraud!) Get-rich-quick schemes never work anyway. That's because they're not based on your own personal ideals, goals, or values.

       Instead, you'll learn how to use your own most personal and powerful desires to make achieving your dreams an unstoppable reality.

       No matter how high those dreams may reach.

       Consider this: Most people think millionaires are "special" people -- with mysterious talents. Or they inherited their money. Or they had inside connections that aren't available to everyone else.

       The fact is that 85% of millionaires are self-made. They didn't start with anything you don't have... except a little knowledge and a sensible plan.

       And that's what you'll get from this ebook.

       "All I had when I started in the film business was a dream, but a dream without a plan gets you nowhere. That's where Pam comes in. Her new ebook shows you exactly what steps you need to take to identify and to live your dreams. If you are ready to make the most of your life, and really want to live your dreams (and become a millionaire in the process), Pam's the one to help you do it!"

--J. Hill, Producer, Director, Writer, Hollywood, CA

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The Creative Millionaire

       Experts in business, problem-solving, and cognitive intelligence all say the key to extraordinary entrepreneurial success lies within the realm of creativity. In this concise report, Pam shares her nine simple steps that will help you turn your creative ideas into entrepreneurial profits.

       Pay special attention to Step #7. This idea alone is worth many, many times the price of this ebook. Order today and it's yours FREE!

Here's How You Get Started

       The regular price for this ebook will be $24.97. That's less than dinner and a movie (for one).

       In other words, for less than you'd spend in one evening, you can learn the simple 5-step process for becoming a millionaire and living your dreams. We could have easily charged much more -- however, our goal is to help one million people become millionaires. So, we wanted to keep Turning Dreams Into Dollars very affordable.

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Our "Ironclad, Unconditional, Nothing to Lose" Guarantee

       Our guarantee is simple: If, for any reason, you aren't thrilled with your ebook and don't feel it's worth many, many times what you paid for it, simply let us know within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. No hassles. You're the sole judge.

       The truth is you won't want to ask for a refund. Because once you start using these ingenious techniques, start having fun making money, and discovering and living your dreams, you won't want to give up your ebook for anything.

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       You'll be so glad you did -- you'll get everything you need to become a self-made millionaire and live the life of your dreams!!

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